If you want an intense brain workout, Артём Петрович knows exactly what to do. Thank you so much for the tremendous effort you put into teaching us. The priceless tips and tricks you gave us were of great use and still will be later, taking on exams like CPE or CAE. Артём Петрович gave a precise understanding of what a person who wants to conquer Vseros has to do. The crazy amount of work that Артём Петрович offers pays off in the end. He is a true professional and I am so grateful that I had the chance to be guided by him. Артём Петрович is a legend in the Vseros community and there are reasons for that. Thank you for you!

Блинникова Эльвира Элизабет, призер заключительного этапа ВСОШ 2021-2022 гг. по английскому языку