Although my gratitude can be described in myriads of nice words, I will keep my comment succinct and to the point. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your highly informative lessons. Those classes were invaluable for me, as during them I learnt a great deal about olympiad formats as well as many useful strategies for coping with the tasks present at the intellectual competition. Secondly, I am eternally grateful to you for sustaining the Vseros Team. This wonderful and close-knit community became the first step in my preparation and gave me an excellent opportunity to accustom myself to botating. Finally, I want to thank for your incredible practice books, which are an absolute necessity for any English olympiadnik.

Владислав Гризин, победитель заключительного этапа ВСОШ 2022-2023 гг. по английскому языку, Магаданская область